Plants, caterpillar, and butterfly
Join Youngstown Rotary by defining what you/your organization will to do in support of pollinators.   By taking the Mahoning Valley Operation Pollination Pledge using the form below.  Tell us today how you plan to support pollinators in our area.

The goals listed in the District Governor 6650's Operation Pollination Resolution summarizes several potential options: supporting regional partners in strategic pollinator planning, planting your own pollinator garden, and pollinator education outreach to name just a few. 
Please be as specific as possible. Operation Pollination Mahoning Valley partners may assist you in tracking your accomplishments, telling your story, and helping to promote and encourage others to participate.
Other Rotary Clubs may have other ideas, and should feel free to use the Mahoning Valley Pollinator Pledge as a template their Operation Pollination activities.
(Note:  The pledge is a Google Form that will open in an separate window)

Take the Mahoning Valley Operation Pollination Pledge