Monarch ButterflyOperation Pollination was started in 2015 through a collaborative effort by government, for-profit, and not-for-profit organization in the St. Croix Valley in Minnesota and Wisconsin (  Since then, similar collaborations have taken up the charge of protecting pollinators and their habitat across North America.  Here in the Mahoning Valley, we have the following people and organizations to thank for energizing the effort in our back yards:
Eric Barrett, OSU Extension Mahoning County
Elayne Bozick, Rotary Club of Youngstown President 2004-2005
Bob Clyde, Mauthe Park Superintendent, Struthers
Mary Danus, Boulevard Park Block Watch/YNDC Board
Gary Davenport, Mahoning County Land Bank
Nick DeRico, Mill Creek MetroPark
Margarite Douglas, Lincoln Knolls Neighbors
Maureen Drummond, Rotary Club of Youngstown, Tru Consulting
Karen Edwards, Rotary Club of Struthers
Jamie Emmert, ODNR/ODW
Deb Flora, Rotary Club of Youngstown, Mahoning County Land Bank
Barb Gaffney, City of Struthers
Linda Kostka, Rotary Club of Youngstown
Sharon Leston, Rotary Club of Youngstown, CityScape
Marilyn McKinley, OSU Extension Mahoning County
Mary Ann Morell, Rotary Club of Struthers
Troy Rhodes, First Energy
Dr. Lara Roketenetz, University of Akron Project Wingspan State Coordinator
Sue Sexton - Monarch Community Advocate
Samantha Turner, Rotary Club of Youngstown 2020-2021 President
Kathi Vrabel-Bryan, Mahoning County SWCD