Operation Pollination recognizes the importance of restoring and maintaining pollinator habitat on public and private lands.  The Rotary Club of Youngstown will work with individuals and community partners to encourage the development of an interconnected mosaic of pollinator habitats across the Mahoning Valley.  This collaborative effort seeks to stabilize and grow the populations of pollinator species that are so crucial to the success of our everyday lives.
Operation Pollination also seeks to create a string of Monarch Waystations across North America to support Monarch Butterfly migration and strengthen pollinator species across the continent.  Given the breadth, severity, and persistence of pollinator loss, it is critical to expanding efforts to reverse these losses and restore pollinator populations to healthy levels.  


The Rotary Club of Youngstown’s goal is to collaboratively and strategically protect and enhance pollinator species and their habitat on public and private lands by:

  • Increasing and Improving Pollinator Habitat by working to develop a network of Pollinator-friendly habitat on public and private lands.
  • Developing public and private strategic partnerships to improve or create habitat for pollinators as well as provide educational opportunities within the scope of the resolution.
  • Encouraging voluntary, collaborative, and locally-led conservation that has proven to maintain and enhance working landscapes effectively.