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Rotary International asks us to Serve to Change Lives through its Focus Areas

January is Vocational Service Month

This month Rotary International asks us to Serve to Change Lives by preserving access to fresh water and quality sanitation in our communityExplore the possibilities with us at our meeting Wednesday at noon at Wick Park or virtually via Zoom.

The  Zoom ID is: 3567145262

This Week's Meeting

NO NOON MEETING on Wednesday! Instead, we will celebrate the 108th anniversary of the Rotary Club of Youngstown at 6 p.m. Wednesday at the YSU Stadium Club. Also that evening, there will be a memorable Paul Harris Fellow induction for persons who have contributed their time, talent and treasure for the community’s greater good. The reservation period for the dinner has closed; no tickets will be sold at the door.
Here is a simple service project that calls for a quick response. All Rotary clubs in Ohio have been asked to donate personal care items for the health and wellness of women and girls in their communities. The challenge is winding down as Deanna Rossi prepares for the Presidents-Elect Training Seminar this weekend. Many RCY members already have contributed, as evidenced by the boxes that are stacking up at St. John’s Episcopal Church (see photo). Get involved! See below for more information.


Last Week's Meeting

When Bottom Dollar Food left Youngstown in 2014, the city became a food desert, meaning there were now no full service grocery stores located within the city limits. Instead of standing by, A.C.T.I.O.N. (Alliance for Congregational Change Influencing Our Neighborhoods) set out to make sure residents had access to fresh, healthy fruit, vegetables, and other grocery items. This is only one of many initiatives undertaken by the organization to ensure residents are protected and safe.
A.C.T.I.O.N. is a non-profit membership-based organization comprised of 30 institutions. In 1999, a group of pastors approached the Gamaliel Foundation to seek direction and support to build a powerful grass roots community organization. From that, A.C.T.I.O.N. was born several years later.
Executive Director Rose Carter and Pastor Jeffrey Stanford, board member, shared the many accomplishments and mission of A.C.T.I.O.N. during the 22 years they have been in existence, and the list is quite extensive. 
Predatory lending was one of the first initiatives undertaken by A.C.T.I.O.N. The organization took on Vision Properties, taking 75 people by bus to South Carolina to protest the company’s unscrupulous lending practices at Vision headquarters and the CEO’s home. On February 6, 2023, their efforts came to fruition when the largest crowd in recent memory gathered at a Youngstown City Council meeting to see council members unanimously vote to end predatory land-installment contracts. 
When the mayor of Youngstown declared the city a food desert in 2019, A.C.T.IO.N. declared its intention to assist others in combatting regional food insecurities, organizing twenty-one pop-up markets with local farmers. Along with Flying High, A.C.T.I.O.N. launched the Mahoning Valley Mobile Market in the spring of 2022. Over $500,000 was raised to purchase and outfit the truck, of which Rotary Club of Youngstown provided $3,000 for media to get the word out about the market. A mobile market that will serve Trumbull County is now in the works, and funds are being raised to support it.
Other key initiatives of A.C.T.IO.N. are Vote Your Faith, a get out the vote effort and Dress to Succeed, which provides clothing to those in need. Combatting racial injustice also a core value of A.C.T.I.O.N., and seeks to educate, inform, and increase awareness with an understanding how structural racism is based on white privilege deeply rooted in societal practices. 
Pastor Jeff shared a story about the power of dreaming big: once upon a time, a woman was running through a field filled with daisies and grass, and ends up running into a forest. All of a sudden, her beautiful dream became a nightmare when she encountered a bear. The bear captures her, and she asks him “are you going to eat me?” To which the bear responds “This is your dream. You tell me.”

Whiskey Club Proceeds Benefit YoRo
The Youngstown Whisk(e)y Club, formed to bring whiskey lovers together to taste and share, donated the proceeds from their February raffles to Rotary Club of Youngstown. That month, $640 was raised. 
The March meeting will be held on Thursday, March 30, at Prima in downtown Youngstown. Money raised will be donated to Boys and Girls Club of Youngstown. 
Why are there parentheses around the “e” in whiskey? According to the club, there is some difference in the spelling – is it whiskey or whisky? But any way it’s spelled, they are willing to try it!

Travel to Australia in ‘24!

“Highlights of Australia and New Zealand with an extension to Fiji” will be the next international travel opportunity sponsored by the Rotary Club of Youngstown through EF Go Ahead Tours.
The 2024 adventure will be an active itinerary with 4 internal flights that allows you to see the best of Australia and New Zealand in 15 days (18 days including Fiji). This itinerary includes a just-right mix of guided tours and group meals, plus free time so you can explore your own interests at your own pace. 
The full details of this fabulous tour including day-by-day itinerary, optional excursions, and price are here.

Helping Women and Girls

All-Ohio PETS (Presidents-Elect Training Seminar) invites you to support the Women and Girls Empowerment Drive by contributing personal care products that will be distributed within each of Ohio’s five Rotary districts. Locally, products are being collected at St. John’s Episcopal Church, 323 Wick Ave., led by Rotarian the Rev. Gayle Catinella. 

The recommended way to contribute is to order from Amazon and have goods shipped directly to St. John’s, where Gayle will distribute to women in need.
You can place an order by using this link 

RCY President-Elect Deanna Rossi asks that all contributions arrive at St. John’s by March 8, ahead of the next PETS assembly.

East Palestine Disaster Relief

The ramifications of the train derailment in East Palestine will be felt indefinitely. While District 6650 finalizes its plans to provide relief, persons who want to act now may consider providing help through The Way Station, a nonprofit organization in Columbiana. Learn more at .

Non-Native, Naturalized, And Invasive Species – What’s the Diff?

Non-Native species are those living in a space where they did not historically occur. Like Europeans - after Columbus.
Naturalized species are non-natives that live in a place - where they do not historically occur - but do not spread into otherwise natural areas.
… Like my grandparents’ generation in America before they really got a grip on the language. 

Invasive species are non-native that invade natural areas and crowd out native species by taking the food, water, or nesting areas the native species need to survive. Like a tourist town with far too much of a good thing. The apartment we rented was lovely but clearly – it was someone’s home!
Invasive species can enter an area through many different ways; 
Invasive plants, well, people plant them. English ivy, Norway maple, Russian olive … KUDZU!
Invasive Insects stow away. They hide in things like shipped-in produce, trees, shrubs, plants, and socks! In my luggage! Ahhhhh!!!
Millions of reptiles and amphibians are brought in as pets and then are “Set Free!” in the wild … or not-so-wild. Really without even so much as a packed lunch what was that poor 3-foot alligator to do down there in the drainage ditch at the corner of 616 and Oak!!!!?)
While there are many ways for species to arrive in new places, the outcome is often the same – they damage the ecosystem by taking from native species and not giving much back.
Take away: GO NATIVE!


March 13, 1941: Youngstown Rotarian the Rev. Dr. Roland Luhman was installed as the new District Governor at the District 21 Conference in Akron.
Susan Edwards - March 7
Hunter Morrison - March 11
Carol Chamberlin - March 11
Maureen Drummond - 11 Years
The Four-Way Test
1. Is it the truth?
2. Is it fair to all concerned?
3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
Save the Date:
  • March 25 – Highway litter cleanup; details to follow.
  • April 22 – Public open house, Spring Arts Festival at Youngstown City School District, in cooperation with SMARTS Art School and Operation Pollination, at SMARTS; volunteers needed throughout April to assist; details to follow.
  • Save the date! On Thursday, April 20, Bob DiBiasio, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs for the Cleveland Guardians, will make his annual visit to update us on the upcoming baseball season. This is a joint event of Rotary Club of Youngstown, Youngstown Lions Club, and Youngstown Kiwanis. 
    More details will be forthcoming.  
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