Monday, May 17, 2021

This month Rotary International has asked us to focus on our youth service programs like Rotaract, Interact, RYLA, Youth Exchange. Learn more here and explore this topic with us at our meeting Wednesday at noon at MVR
or virtually via Zoom. 
The  Zoom ID is: 330 967 0456

Our Weekly Meetings

Last week's meeting:  What an inspirational lunch we had as we welcomed our newest member and presented the annual Safety Service Awards. Award recipients were determined by the heads of the Youngstown Police, Fire, and Health Departments. Each department head spoke warmly about the dedication and efforts of their staff member and how these community service workers put forth extra effort in a COVID-affected year. Those being recognized were:

  • Officer Shakir Perkins, introduced by Chief Carl Davis
  • Anthea Mickens, RN, introduced by Youngstown City Health Commissioner Erin Bishop
  • Lt. Corey Brown, introduced by Fire Chief Barry Finley.
Each recipient was presented a framed certificate and a gift card to Prima Cucina Restaurant as a token thank you for keeping our community safe. More pictures from last week's meeting here.
In addition, new member Abdul "Kader" Makanera was sworn in. A resident of the world, Kader was inspired to join our Club when he moved to Mahoning Valley. He says that no matter where he loved and worked around the world, Rotarians seemed to be doing great things and he was excited to be part of it! 
This week's speaker: Our own Barbara Brothers will talk to us about Fair School Funding and how YOU can help make a difference in the public education of Youngstown's students.
Support our Beerfest - Recruit a Sponsor
Now is the time to participate in the 3rd Annual Groundhog Craft Beerfest by helping to recruit a sponsor. It's fun to drink great local beer, but the goal of Beerfest is to raise funds to support Rotary Community action, like gifts to the United Way, YWCA, and the fight against Polio.  
You can help by finding individuals or businesses in our community willing to $250, $500, or more to support great work and great beer.  Everything you need to know about the Beerfest and sponsorship is available on the 3rd Annual Craft Beerfest Page.  
Bruce Goode planted monarch-supporting plants.
By: Dr. Barbara Brothers
Youth are our Future

Engagement with the world is only part of the focus of this issue of Rotary. RI President Holger Knacck reminds us that in addition to the Youth Exchange program (in which our Club has participated) there is a New Generations Service Exchange for young people from 18 to 30.

Reading in Rotary issues about Rotoract, the organization serving that same age group, I became curious to learn if we had such a group in our area. I learned that we had such a group at YSU in 2014. Nothing about such a group since. Should we look into getting one started next fall?

   This story, like all issues of Rotary, expand our knowledge of the places in which Rotarians are at work and of the variety of professions and work that others do that are essential to our well being. We encourage you to make time to read it.

Your Fellow Rotarian

Troy Rhodes
Compiled by Debora Flora 
As an Air Force veteran, Troy Rhoades understood “Service Above Self” before becoming a Rotarian. Here he shares some thoughts on the value of compassion, lessons learned from his father, and how he prefers to travel.


May 19, 1967: Rotary Club of Youngstown established the Youngstown Rotary Foundation for local philanthropy.
  • Adam Lonardo, May 22
Rotary Anniversary 
  • Paul Johnson, 32 years
  • Liz Shobel, 6 years
May 22
Rotary Family Picnic
Smokey Hollow
June 7
Rotary Golf Outing
Stambaugh Golf Course
June 12- 16
Rotary International
VIRTUAL Convention
June 26
Region 6650 Conference
Holiday Inn, Boardman
July 10 
3rd Annual Groundhog Craft Beerfest
Stambaugh Auditorium Parking Lot
May 16 was National Love A Tree Day
Deforestation is one of the causes of pollinator habitat erosion. Did you know — More than 500 species of showy moths and butterflies are supported by oaks as a group.  
   Trees provide us with many of life's essentials -- food and oxygen, shelter, medicine, and tools. They also provide Community, Social, Ecological, Environmental, Personal, Spiritual, Practical, Commercial, Property, and Economic value.
   All living things depend on trees directly or indirectly. Our beautiful planet Earth would not survive without trees. Life as we know it would not exist. Deforestation at the current rate would soon leave our mother Earth a barren and desolate place. Hence, going green by protecting and planting trees is essential for our existence. As we emphasize the need for saving these vital parts of our environment, here are five reasons to love trees:
  1. Provide vital oxygen,
  2. Help moderate the climate,
  3. Clean the air we breathe,
  4. Help prevent global warming,
  5. Prevent flooding.
What’s not to love? To learn more, visit:
Rotary International  Convention
Always wanted to go to the Rotary International Convention but can never find the time or the budget to make it happen? This is your lucky year! This year's convention has gone virtual!
It will take place June 12-16.
The Virtual Convention is open to all Rotary members. President Samantha wants to know if there is interest in a gathering as a group for fellowship, food drinks and a motivational speaker?  List of the speakers HERE and a list of the Breakout Sessions HERE Let her know!   
RI Youth Service expands Programming  
More than 350,000 youth participate annually in Rotary’s youth programs. Yet, until recently, RI didn’t have resources that directly engaged Interactors, RYLA participants, Youth Exchange students, and their mentors to get involved in service.  However, it is often difficult for them to get started, find a project and stay engaged. 
To address this Caitlin Cangialosi, Rotary International Programs and Engagement Specialist, set up a collaboration with the National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC), to develop outcome-driven, interactive resources that provide tailored guidance for youth participants and their adult advisers.

Using NYLC’s vast skill-set and knowledge,  Cangialosi worked with them using an innovative approach to youth engagement, known as service-learning. This technique empowers young people to enact real change in their communities by combining community service with learning objectives. It also has been proven to directly contribute to stronger academic performance and understanding of civic responsibility. Visit Rotary’s Learning Center to find online courses and interactive workbooks that will help you get started with providing service-learning opportunities for young leaders in our club! 

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